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Colstoun House wedding photography | Ewa Labuda

Colstoun House wedding photography – hope you like it.

Here we are another chapter from inner space in me which many people is calling – heart.


So what love is ?

It’s rather an interesting topic. If you ask hundred different people, every single person will name it differently. Go on- do it. Ask few of your friends or family and you will see how we all understand the same thing through different words, definitions or experiences. I actually like that idea and might ask every person around me now what do they think/ fell what love is. ( Be careful if you are related to me and reading that now- you have time to prepare your answer haha )



That’s all what matters. At least for me, and I got some impression it is important for many, many people- maybe in different order but the same things.

And here we are at the wedding where two people in love are becoming one team, committing through their heart (soul), words, finance and body. It is very meaningful in all levels. And here we are asking our family and friends to be part of it. All of them are very important and either you grow up with them throughout your childhood or you grow with them through some experiences. Some people who gets you and some people who showed you the way. Some people you have no clue who they are because they are partners of your mother in law best friends but hey- they are all there for you or because of you. No matter if it’s direct or through your other half- remember? You are one team now..

In Colstoun House I was part of fantastic wedding where I have massive privilege to share with you through my wedding photography.

Groom decided to repeat some words of his mother in law during his speeches and I think, it really resonated with me. No need to mention I was emotional and touched to bits.

“It’s just very unique understanding how we are experiencing the same thing at the same moment of our day at the same location. As we could have been absolutely everywhere. In different continent or even on birthday party but we are all here. Right now. Experiencing”


with love, Ewa

venue: Colstoun House