One of my favorite places for a wedding photography is at the Lodge on the Loch in Aberdeenshire.

Wedding photography Lodge on the Loch- outstanding !

From the first email I received, I knew it is going to be an amazing wedding and I was waiting excited like a baby for that day to come.

I have never meet in person K & L before their wedding day. In fact, we were only exchanging emails and on the day we just simply clicked straight away. Oh boy! What a day it was! You could feel that energy all over the room. Even now, when I think about it I have goosebumps.


If you ever ask me why I love wedding photography answer will be simple:

I LOVE to capture love.I love photography and I love people.

So here I am capturing the moment when Dad is being nervous before he sees his little girl.. I love that moment when groom is mentioning how much in love with his wife is. I love that moment when Granny is dancing on the floor just as she was twenty again !


Hope you enjoy 🙂





Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 001 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 002 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 003 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 004 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 005 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 006 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 007 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 008 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 009 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 010 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 011 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 012 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 013 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 014 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 015 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 016 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 017 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 018 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 019 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 020 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 021 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 022 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 023 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 024 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 025 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 026 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 027 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 028 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 029 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 030 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 031 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 032 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 033 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 034 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 035 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 036 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 037 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 038 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 039 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 040 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 041 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 042 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 043 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 044 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 045 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 046 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 047 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 048 Wedding_photography_Lodge_on_the_loch 049