While you are here in South Queensferry you can feel completely different vibe, energy and atmosphere.

Wedding photography Orocco Pier -amazing !

Even for me this place is very special. Went for my second date here. I have been a witness to number of weddings either at Orocco Pier, registry office or even went few times to Inchcolm Abbey by boat ! You can see seals sunbathing on the island and many,many different birds.

I guess, it is time to get back to our wedding of the day on my blog. I had an amazing day with these two and their family/friends. Wedding took place 2 years ago in September and weather was just unbelievable. I grow to believe that September is the best month in Scotland and 75 % of the month is either sunny or very warm. Therefore, if you are still wondering what month to get married then my advise is – September.


These cute people are simply unbelievable in love with each other. You could feel their strong relationship, understanding and respect. They happen to leave now in this fantastic place which is South Queensferry and they are extremely happy. I guess, what else do you need from your life? If you have satisfying relationship, love of your life next to you. Family and friends who are supporting you and loving you for who you are. 🙂

Life can not get any better ! 🙂