First wedding of the year for me !

Wedding photography Hopetoun House-  Amazing place !


What an amazing love story, place, people and most importantly – DAY.

It was hot weather, lovely breeze… not it was not ! It was typical Scottish weather. Rain, wind, cold. Just what you can expect at this time of the year. Was that important to lovely couple ? It was not ! Has that affect anyone plans, hopes, dreams of marring the best friend? Love of their life ? It was not.

In fact, most photographer will express their love for clouds and wind. Little bit of rain will help for even more dramatic photos ! 🙂 But obviously we all want and need a little bit of sun to put some smiles on faces.

Despite the weather wedding was simply amazing ! Everyone enjoyed ABSOLUTELY everything. We had brother of the bride addressing the haggis with Burns poem. Fantastic touch !

We had The Fizz bar at the service as well- what a great company and idea to make a day even more special.

And I am looking forward to another wedding at this location.

Same place but different couple, different vibe, different guest and other season ? I would love to experience that as well ! 🙂