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Wedding photography at the Grange Manor Hotel | Ewa Labuda

Sun in March ? In Scotland ?? Must be a dream !

Wedding photography Grange Manor Hotel -Great day !

It was second wedding I have attended in the same family withing 4 months and I have to say I felt just like a member. <3

Emotional is probably the closest word I could use describing the day but I was in tears. Tears of laughter & happiness.

Happiness for two people whom I met twice before and we have exchanged several emails. But you could feel that connection , devotion, respect and love in the room. In between them two.

And the weather. We could not believe our luck during the preparations, then during the ceremony…oh wait SUN STAYED LONGER !

I must sound so super weird to everyone who reads it abroad but here, in Scotland we all understand what sun means. And how to get best use of it here and now. Probably, whole World could learn that small thing from proud Scots. Here and now. Not, tomorrow or later. NOW.


Love now, hug now, forgive now and be happy now.

That is one of the most important messages the whole humanity should learn or remind. That is the most important message I have from this wedding. <3


Enjoy wedding photography at Grange Manor Hotel by me, Ewa