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Tantallon Castle engagement shoot | Ewa Labuda

Have you ever visited this part of Scotland?

Tantallon Castle engagement shoot- and kite surfing.

We were meant to go and do some kite surfing engagement photos- sounds awesome right ?! Yup ! That’s what I thought about them as well as soon as I heard what idea they both have for their photo shoot. Kite surfing shoot- I whispered to myself. Am I going to face my fears of open waters and get wet in cold Scottish sea?

I imagined it in number of different ways and I had some ideas to follow..quickly to understand how tricky life can be.

We can plan, imagine, create in our heads whatever we want and there will be that one thing. That one thing can change absolutely everything.

This time THAT thing was a wind.  🙂


So we have ended at the Seacliff Beach for some nice photos and then we moved to Gullane Beach for some paddle boarding. AND THAT WAS FUN !

Paddle boarding at Gullane Beach was awesome. Just like these two. They are both very adventurous souls. Thankfully, there was no need for me to go into the cold Scottish waters but it was so super fun. I can assure you.

Tantallon Castle engagement shoot and paddle boarding was fun.


If you have any ideas for your engagement shoot or there is something what you both enjoy doing together then it is a great idea for an engagement shoot. It really is fun and can be greatly preserved memories forever.


With love, Ewa


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