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Same sex wedding photography | Ewa Labuda

Same sex wedding photography is always very emotional for me.

This time it was not any different..

I have no idea what brought my attention so much. Was it love of these two lovely people ? Understanding still motivating each other for making their dreams come true ?

Supporting choices, decisions even those dangerous ideas. Going through hell and letting the loved one go through it just for a sake of making the dream come true. Making other person happy without compromising on yourself and your own ideas. It is pretty hard. In every relationship.  These two ladies are my personal hero’s (is there any female option for hero ? ) 😉

Friends and family. That is everything what matters on your wedding day.In our life..

You could feel love all over ! I know, I write the same things all the time and probably they are boring by now but I totally feel that.

There are different levels of consciousness and our perspective works on different levels. I love experiencing every single wedding and being a witness of a new thing every time.

I love being able to feel how Dad is nervous before he sees his little girl.. I love moment when Dad can become a great friend and joker and the really next second he can be an amazing listener and friend. I love moments when Mum’s with whole care of the World kisses her loved child before the ceremony. I love that moment of nerves and excitements mixed together seconds before people see each other for the first time.

Same sex wedding photography happened in one amazing Colessio Hotel In Stirling. Right in the old town. Probably by coincidence , there is Scottish whisky experience.. 😉

Thank you for having me . It was unforgettable.


With love, Ewa




venue: Colessio Hotel