Intimate elopement to Isle Of Skye- beautiful experience.

Looks like rainy season is upon us and its worth to share another beautiful story.

I have so much to express about this very special trip to Isle of Skye but I feels inaccurate.

Over a year ago, I meet great photographer in Poland on one of really cool workshops. We have connected immediately and I have invited her over to Scotland – we all know how Scotland is beautiful and withing months she contacted me announcing she will be coming over to Scotland with lovely couple for epic elopement. Fast forward, here we are in Scotland – all of us strangers and we are going to spend 4 days together in one car, in the middle of nowhere to run or escape in case if we have different views or allergies 😉

But what actually happened there was rather life changing experience. Not only because we had to move out from our comfort zone to being cold, soaking wet- from head to the toes. Literally ! We had to cover our cameras with Tesco bags. These two people are having very unique union. Unbreakable soul mate union. Epic Scottish landscape and tough weather helped us appreciate that moment even more.

Great connection, vibe, people and landscapes.


I enjoyed every moment of our trip and I managed to remind myself again why I love this job- I love this because of countless possibilities of meeting different people who are willing to share their love and story with you. Who are willing to open up a bit that way or another and you never know what way will that be this time. Thank you for letting me do that.