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A stunning shoot surrounded by Iceland's natural beauty. | Ewa Labuda

Wedding photography near Reykjavik in Iceland

Another bucket list destination visited but I will be back here for sure ! Iceland wedding photographer


So here we are. Iceland. Another magical spot on the Earth. Start of May and you can still see snow around. I guess that is one of the reasons why it is called Ice-Land.

Meet with these two lovely people who were remarkable brave to face wind and rain. Wooow ! And their love for each other! Amazing combination of people.

We went from Reykjavik for a car trip to Vik but we stopped in few stunning places.

In fact, everything is just stunning on the way. At first, I went crazy just 10 minutes away from capital but Izabela said not to worry as scenery gets only better further ahead. She was right.

Weather was just stunning. Ah you can tell I leave in Scotland- I get super excited when temp goes above 10 Celsius so do Icelanders…


I could go on and on about these two fantastic people. They are an amazing people alone but what they create together is simply remarkable. We need more love and forgiveness. This World needs this badly. With love we can change the World.


Thank you for having me, letting me spend some time with you and showing me your out of space country.


with Love, Ewa