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Glencoe engagement shoot | Ewa Labuda

Glencoe engagement shoot- Oh deer !

Today, I would like to elaborate a bit on verb : to look for. Feels like it might be just perfect for now and this love story.

We are all look for something almost every day ! In fact, probably several times during every hour but perhaps we are not even aware of this. For example , I have been looking for my favourite mug for last 10 minutes as my ┬áMum moved it to different cupboard and before that I’ve been looking for new battery pack for my camera. earlier today , I’ve been looking at the map for that amazing spot in the middle of nowhere my fired told me about few weeks ago and so on and so on- this never stops !Have I just made you aware that we are constantly in a process of looking ? We look for love, happiness, new work, new house, new friends, new adventures, new holiday destination and it seems like our whole life is based on looking for something.

I am always intrigued to understand how people cross my path.

Either personal or on my business journey as business owner. Everything is obviously down to this magical what “coincidence” and I will probably spend rest of my life smiling to this magical process of life.

And it was probably exactly the same when it comes to how John & Arlene found me online. I have no idea what exactly resonated with them and what made them feel that they have found THE photographer they want to contact with and possibly allow that girl to shoot their wedding. I asked them once or maybe even twice and answer – as always wasn’t easy or perhaps it was dead easy ? Because, we like your work. Fair enough- I shouldn’t look for any more I guess here.

I was rather shy proposing Glencoe for their engagement shoot and yes- they reacted wonderfully agreeing to one of my favourite locations. It appears that they also love hiking , nature and that part of the country is very special to them too, How exciting !

So we went. We went looking for amazing light that every photographer would dye for. So we went looking for some wildlife. So we went… looking for something.

John & Arlene got married in Boturich Castle in June 2018 and I will be sharing blog from their amazing day very soon.