Here, I am ready with another story from engagement shoot of Morgan & Fraser at the Trossachs National Park near Loch Lomond.

Engagement shoot Trossachs National Park Loch Lomond – you should be here !!!

At this point , I have to mention it is one of my favorite places in Central Belt of Scotland and I was thrilled when M&F decided to have their shoot here. Thrilled is understatement – I was overexcited ! 🙂

Morgan and Fraser appeared on the shoot stressed and nervous- just like me haha .

Immediately they were completely relaxed and at the end they were saying it was great , adventurous experience. And it should be ! We walked around, we talked and we laugh but most importantly they both had time on their own.. I love watching people and their affection, respect and desire for each other.

Trossachs along with Glen Coe and Isle of Skye are my top destinations when I seek some contact with nature. One of the most beautiful places on Earth !

Enjoy, Ewa x