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Engagement shoot at the Deil's Cauldron n.Comrie Town | Ewa Labuda

Four seasons in one day- the only way to describe how unpredictable weather in Scotland can be !

Engagement shoot Deil’s Cauldron – OUTSTANDING !

Please let me introduce you to another hidden place in Scotland. I have never visited this place nor ever heard about it and I am amazed how beautiful it is.OH Scotland, how much in love I am with you.

Absolutely stunning place and all thanks to Annie & Xander who got engaged here and decided to get back for their little engagement shoot.

These two lovely people are connected on probably every possible level. They have never told me anything like that. I could only feel that interesting vibe of


Deil’s Cauldron is your must go if you like hiking and exploring your neighborhood around.

Now, I am looking forward to be a photographer on their wedding day as I can feel it will be very emotional. And very special.

They are going to get married at Colstoun Coach House near Haddington and it will be first time for me there. Excited is just understatement I have to say. Years are passing by and I am noticing how much I love weddings and experiencing that day over and over again.

And as we know our everyday life in Scotland. Weather will play very important role and we are all curious what it has for us hidden on the day.

Enjoy, Ewa


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