Never been here before.

Engagement shoot Greenock Beach- stunning !


It was nearly 2 hours drive for me from Edinburgh but I absolutely loved it. Some of you already know me and how much I love driving/traveling/exploring. It is the time when I can be with myself and listen to some music. (sometimes even weird haha )

Weather prediction was rather wet and wind- as you get often here ! But we just went for it. I think, we managed to get a good window of no rain and here we are. Happy, comforted in love. And I am happy for being able to be part of it. Happy for just being there with them at that right moment.


Anyway lets get back to our lovely couple. And describing them lovely is just understatement. They are adorable! They are sweet and so much in love.

These two lovely people are getting married at The Cruin in May and I am very looking forward to  be part of their day.


That’s how I can describe them. Wonder if you can see the same through my work with them? Leave a comment if you feel like 🙂 It is great to hear from other people.