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Destination couple photography in Guanacaste Costa Rica | Ewa Labuda

Traveling, people and people in love are my main passions in life (do I have to mention food or is it obvious ? 😉 )

Destination couple photography Guanacaste Costa Rica- out of this world !!!

Funny enough, I have meet those two on my latest holiday to Costa Rica where Dominic & Crystal and we got mutual understanding straight away.

They have some amazing love story to tell and I am looking forward to see it some engagement announcement online 😉


Now Costa Rica is my another dream wedding photography destination and I hope to be back here soon <3

What a wonderful place to leave or visit. I just got back from Glencoe- Scottish Highlands which are absolutely stunning. On our little journey we had so much luck as we have seen magnificent deer walking in front of us. And you have to know this. I have been pretty excited about it ! Not surprise ! There is something about animals.

Now, just imagine the same situation where in Europe you can see deer walking or running next to road ( we have it VERY OFTEN in Poland)

There is Costa Rica you can see sloths, colorful frogs, snakes, monkeys ,thousands of birds, mammals or huge lizards. What a wonderful world we leave in ! So much beauty we are surrounded with !

Everyone who loves nature should go there once. But be very careful and always walk with someone who know places around. It is not hard to make mistake and touch something what might be poisonous to humans.


Enjoy, x


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