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Couple shoot at the Arenal Rain Forest in Costa Rica | Ewa Labuda


Happy 2017 ! Make it the best year of your life. (and then the next one and then the next one… 😉 )

Wonder what sort of New Year resolutions people have ? Mine, as million of people around the world is getting better shape and probably I will fail again but something what is possible I want to do more.

My New Years resolution is to travel abroad every month. Now, with this type of work I guess it is fairly possible… and hey! It is only 1 hour drive from Edinburgh where I can hit Scottish borders so shouldn’t be to hard to make it happen haha.


My last trip of 2016 was Costa Rica and I fell in love immediately. Sun and water. Food all over, wild exotic animals and abundance of colors.

On second day of my trip across Costa Rica I hitched up immediately with lovely married couple from Belgium.

Elke and Franklin visited Costa Rica 6 years ago and had some amazing stories to share with me but there was this one amazing story they have had hidden for a very long time.

Franklin proposed to Elke on the beach at the west coast of Costa Rica and now they returned as they always wanted.

So here we are. Couple shoot at the Arenal Rain Forest and Sarapiqui Rain Forest. To be honest, we should call it more as engagement shoot as these two were behaving like a little love birds 😉

Happy New Year , Ewa x


ps. can you spot ants and stick insect ? 😉

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