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Cliff wedding photography

Wedding photography on the epic cliffs of North Berwick – my last job of 2017.

I have to admitt.Whole experience was epic, outstanding and emotional for all of us.


Dominic & Steph worked together in event industry and that’s where they meet over 7 years ago.

And it feels like, they have known what their day will look like right from the begging.

Steph have prepared all decoartions months before the big day and I have to say they were awesome,quirky and creative. You can never go wrong with rustic and handmande stuff made with love.


We’ve meet for the very first time few month back for some engagament photos. These people are very active, creative and brave and decided to incorporate their passion into the shoot.

After several weeks of planning and organising we have gone for some paddle boarding on Gullans Beach just a stone away from their actual wedding ceremony. Photos from that shoot were featured in a blog Belle Bridal and can be viewed here : Belle Bridal Magazine

Do I have to tell you how excited I was when I heard their plans and ideas?

Day was amazing. Friends and family travelled from across the World for their special day.  You could just feel joy and love all around us. Every single person has contributed to their day in some way and it really added a lot of value.


Thank you for having me. It was outstanding.