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This is my regularly updated alternative wedding photography blog. It’s hopefully a great place to get inspiration and ideas for your own wedding planning, and to see loads of examples of my photography work throughout Edinburgh, as well as all of Scotland and even worldwide. Enjoy!

Wedding photography at the Meldrum House Hotel

Wedding photography Meldrum House Hotel -dreams come true... Every little girl (or some of us! ) dreams to be a princess one day. But what would you say to the fairy wedding theme? A fairy is a type of mythical being or legendary creature in European folklore, a form...

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A stunning shoot surrounded by Iceland’s natural beauty.

Wedding photography near Reykjavik in Iceland Another bucket list destination visited but I will be back here for sure ! Iceland wedding photographer   So here we are. Iceland. Another magical spot on the Earth. Start of May and you can still see snow around. I guess...

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Engagement shoot in Rome

Engagement shoot Rome- bellissimo ! Ciao ! One of three words I know in Italian ! 🙂 Only few days ago , I have returned from magnificent and inspiring Rome. Many reasons inspiring. Architecture and vibe is totally different to many places around the World. If you...

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Couple photo shoot Tenerife

  I LOVE TENERIFE !! One of the most differentiated places I have ever been too. Couple photo shoot Tenerife-excellent ! I can go on and on about this island. Perhaps, I would go on and on about beauty of my second home now (or even first ) - Scotland. If you love sun...

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Wedding photography at the Orocco Pier, South Queensferry

While you are here in South Queensferry you can feel completely different vibe, energy and atmosphere. Wedding photography Orocco Pier -amazing ! Even for me this place is very special. Went for my second date here. I have been a witness to number of weddings either...

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Wedding photography at the Hopetoun House

First wedding of the year for me ! Wedding photography Hopetoun House-  Amazing place !   What an amazing love story, place, people and most importantly - DAY. It was hot weather, lovely breeze... not it was not ! It was typical Scottish weather. Rain, wind, cold....

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Engagement shoot at the Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond one of the most beautiful spots in Central Belt of Scotland. Engagement shoot Loch Lomond - stunning !   To be perfectly honest with you, I am always blown away by beauty of this place. Magnificent mountains arousing at the edge of loch. And THAT look ! No...

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Engagement shoot at the Greenock Beach

Never been here before. Engagement shoot Greenock Beach- stunning !   It was nearly 2 hours drive for me from Edinburgh but I absolutely loved it. Some of you already know me and how much I love driving/traveling/exploring. It is the time when I can be with myself and...

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