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Edinburgh-Based Natural Wedding Photographer | Ewa Labuda

Natural, alternative and organic wedding photography, focused on connections, people and nature.

About Me

Travelling wedding photographer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I’m Ewa – a creative wedding photographer and permanent explorer. I’m a nomadic, free-spirited girl who loves nature, cooking, and fast cars. Most of all, I love to travel the world in search of stories. I was born in Poland, and as soon as I could afford it, I packed a bag and set off on this ongoing adventure. I’ve stayed in villages and in cities; I’ve lived in Athens, Berlin and London, and now I call Edinburgh my home. My natural wedding photography has a very organic aura and I love to produce tactile, analog-feel photographs that reflect my love of the earth, and the connection between all living things.

My Blog

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A wedding photographer’s perspective on Guardswell Farm.

Guardswell Farm wedding photography - outstanding !     There are many reasons why I am happy and privileged to share this wedding with you. Mainly that these two lovely people will forever be in my heart and this is the first celebration  to be held here in this...

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A stunning shoot surrounded by Iceland’s natural beauty.

Wedding photography near Reykjavik in Iceland Another bucket list destination visited but I will be back here for sure ! Iceland wedding photographer   So here we are. Iceland. Another magical spot on the Earth. Start of May and you can still see snow around. I guess...

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Natural wedding photography capturing real human emotions.

I’m definitely an alternative to the standard wedding photographer. My creative approach to wedding photography is hard to define – I do fit into the bracket of alternative wedding photographer, and the phrase fine art photojournalism also partly defines my style (even if it’s a bit overused). I’m an honest and truthful documentary photographer, and my work is defined by uncluttered and arresting visual storytelling. But, ultimately I’m all about finding the atmosphere and the real human emotion of the wedding, and distilling that into the images. That’s the best way I know how to express it.

Photography for destination weddings or weddings in Scotland.

When it comes to destination weddings, I love to travel, and I’m lucky enough to have shot for clients across Scotland, the UK, and internationally. If you’re interested in hearing about my extremely competitive pricing, and seeing full details of what’s included, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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